Sports Medicine Services

Among the services we provide are:
Injury Clinics
High School Game Coverage
ImPACT Testing

Atchison Hospital Sports Medicine is currently providing athletic training coverage to area high schools and middle schools including: Atchison High School, Atchison Middle School, Jefferson County North High School, Jefferson County North Middle School, Maur Hill-Mount Academy, and Saint Benedict Catholic School. Additionally, we work closely with the Benedictine College.

Atchison Hospital Sports Medicine has a team of highly qualified athletic trainers and physicians specializing in sports medicine care that are trained in prevention, assessment, rehabilitation, and care of athletic injuries. Our goal is to keep the athletes in the game; however, should an injury arise we work diligently to return the athlete to his/her sport as quickly as possible, always keeping the athlete's health needs as our top priority.

Our sports medicine team includes five certified athletic trainers, a sports medicine physician, and an orthopedic surgeon. With such a diverse group of health care professionals, Atchison Hospital Sports Medicine has got you covered, no matter the needs of your athlete - from taping to evaluation to injection or surgical repair. We also offer many on-site services including: game coverage of home athletic events, bi-weekly injury clinics, and ImPACT testing. Don't think we forgot about the coaches though… Each year we offer a coach's clinic to help prepare your staff for the upcoming season!

Gain the advantage for your athletes; call us today to sign up your school for sports medicine coverage!